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Newsletter 8-15-2018

Back to_school_500 


ice cream_social

Don't forget to stop by the Methodist Church this Sunday

for some great homemade ice cream!

Memorial Tree_1_500

The memorial sign has been installed and the tree is growing!

Thank you for following through Burton Brandt! I like to think of

my Mom & Dad standing next to their tree and "keeping watch"

on the Main Street of our little town. They were so proud to say

they were from Unadilla.

Memorial Tree_2_500

The Wilhelm family would like to thank everyone for their prayers

and condolences on the passing of Bob's mother, Ruth. Her funeral

was last Saturday and she was laid to rest beside Vern in

Park Hill Cemetery, Syracuse.


Did you know Nebraska is ranked #1 in beef and veal exports

for 2017? Also #1 for commercial red meat production in 2017;

#1 for cattle slaughter in 2017; #1 for Great Northern beans

production in 2017; and #1 in popcorn production in 2012. Who

knew? A few other fun facts to know, in case you're planning 

on trying out for Jeopardy!: Cash receipts from farm marketings

contributed over $21.5 billion to Nebraska's economy in 2016

and 6.0% of the U.S. total. Also, Nebraska's ten leading

commodities (in order of value) for 2016 cash receipts are

cattle and calves, corn, soybeans, hogs, dairy products, 

wheat, hay, chicken eggs, dry beans, and sorghum.

Ken Meyer_shirt_500

A cyclist named Mark stopped by Nitty Gritty last week 

doing a round trip from Lincoln. The shirt got Bob Brandt's

attention (especially with the Groundhog on it!) and he

found out Ken Meyer graduated from Syracuse in 1964

and now lives is Seward. Good work Bob!

get well_soon_graphics_10

Get well wishes to John Stilwell and Cindy Bassinger. Continued

wishes to Pastor Sandy Denton and Bill Davis.

Houses for_Rent

The Christian Church parsonage will be available for rent

beginning September 10. It has 2 1/2 bedrooms and is $600.

A $600 deposit is required. NO pets or smoking.

Call Chad Pester: 402-890-3967

or Bob Brandt: 402-269-7272

Sun and_Shades

A year ago we were all gathered on Main Street

watching the Eclipse!

Are your apples looking ready? The ones in the Community

Garden look yummy, even from the street. Fall must be right

around the corner, right?



Wages for Village employee’s as of August 1, 2018 are as follows:

Village Clerk (CMC), Water Operator $17.50 per hour

Deputy Clerk (CMC), Water Operator $15.50 per hour

Maintenance $15.00 per hour

General Hire $11.00 per hour

General Office Help $11.50 per hour

Wastewater Operator $17.50 per hour

Chairman of the Board $100.00 per meeting

Trustee’s $75.00 per meeting

I certify that the above notice was posted by me in the three following public places within the Village: Countryside Bank, Post Office and Community Center message board on 08-14-18, posted on UnadillaNebraska.com on 8-15-18, and not published in the Syracuse Journal-Democrat.



Corinne K. Zahn, Village Clerk





8-15   Kylea Block

8-17   Shari Timm

8-18   Michele & Matt Capps

8-20   Tom Rodaway

8-21   Burton Brandt, Leland Carmichael


american gothic

Friday, 8-16-1918, The Otoe Union:

"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The hardward firm of

SCHREINER & RUSSELL having dissolved, all accounts due them

become due at once. Will be pleased to have all who are indebted

to this firm call in and settle up." (Fred Schreiner would continue

as the sole owner.) The Council of Defense was demanding,

"those who can speak American must speak it in public."

Unadilla Open_001_500

Golf Cartoon_001_500




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2018-07-25 FOUND_BALL_GLOVE_1


 Fall Quilt_Show_500




Civil War_Museum_500

GS calendar_001_500

LV calendar_001_500

Good Same_Celeb_001_500

Job opening_500

Bubble Soccer_001_500

Hazard Waste_Collection_001_500

Craig Johnson_flyer_500


Apple Jack_2018_500


Witte Therapy_500

2018-07-04 WW_MEM_LANE_Brown_Bag_1

Pillage the_village_2018_500

Ice Cream_Social_flyer_2018_500

Ice Cream_Social_500


Lewis _Clark_Center_500

MAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

MON - SAT   9 - 6

SUN   9 - 5

FB IMG_1521684440655_500

2018-02-07 CCMT_Feb

August 18 - Terry Hovey & Friends

September 1 - Steve Jensen & Friends

September 15 - Larry Hanson & Friends

September 29 - Fred Larson &Friends

October 13 - FREE ADMISSION!  CCMT Anniversary Show!

October 27 - Frank Bigelow & Friends

November 10 - Warren Brewer & Friends

November 24 - Josh Krohn & Dirty River Ramblers

December 8 - Christmas Show,

(Young musicians, up to 16 years old will be entertaining!)

** 7 PM, MONDAY, December 31, New Year's Eve Party!

Sugarland 500




Masonic Home

Garage Sale

Check out all the garage sales in

Cass, Otoe and Sarpy Counties here:


Add yours to the list at



554987 564446506951366_394231885_n

9-1   Akron @ Nebraska

9-8   Colorado @Nebraska

9-15   Troy @ Nebraska

9-22   Michigan @ Ann Arbor

9-29   Purdue @Nebraska

10-6   Wisconsin @Madison

10-13   Northwestern @Evanston

10-20   Minnesota @Nebraska

11-3   Ohio State @Columbus

11-10   Illinois @Nebraska

11-17   Michigan State @Nebraska

11-23   Iowa @Iowa City


Bob Brandt Photo Collection

 Bank of_Unadilla_500

Bank of Unadilla & Duncan's Store

shortly before the Fire of 1911

Main Street_1987_001_500

Main Street in 1987

Bank Time_Capsule_1982_001_500

George Brandt_2_001_500

George Brandt

Alberta Block_George_Brandt_Lois_Wellman_84th_BD_001_500

George Brandt, Alberta Block, Lois Wellman

Bank girls_Brody__Geo_Brandt_001_500

June Tipken, Lois Wellman, Alberta Block, Bonita Wiebke,

Nancy Gerking, Barry Brandt, George Bandt

June Tipken_001_500

June Tipken

Nancy Gerking_Alberta_Block_in_bank_vault_001_500

Nancy Gerking & Alberta Block

Alberta Block_becomes_Notary_Public_1987_Bob_Brandt_001_500

 Bob Brandt congratulates Alberta Block on 

becoming a Notary Public

Sonya Achen_Bob_Brandt_Horstmans_Cafe_001_500

Sonya Achen & Bob Brandt

Geo Brandt_Lew_Callaway_1980_001_500

George Brandt & Lew Callaway

Geo Schoder_1964_Ford_340000_miles_1981_001_500

George Schroeder's 1964 Ford Pickup/340,000 miles

Guy Kimbell__Bill_Callaway_001_500

Guy Kimbell & Bill Callaway

Ghog Day_1990_Bob_Brandt_back_of_bike_001_500

Groundhog Day 1990/ Bob Brandt on the back

Jim _Dwight_Eisenhauer_001_500

Jim & Dwight Eisenhauer

Glen Fentiman_Norm_Clark_Vern_Wilhelm_001_500

 Glen Fentiman, Norman Clark, Vern Wilhelm

Lew Callaway_Harry_Stubbendeck_Sr_Erich_Beckard_1987_001_500

Lew Callaway, Harry Stubbendeck, Sr., Erich Beckard

Harry Stubbendeck_Sr_Clarence_Kastens_Fred_Brummer_John_Brummer_001_500

Harry Stubbendeck, Sr., Clarence Kastens, Fritz Brummer,

John Brummer

Harry Stubbendeck_Sr_in_Bank_001_500

Harry Stubbendeck, Sr.

John Brummer__KC_Stoner_1980_001_500

John Brummer & K.C. Stoner

KC Stoner_Fritz_Riege_001_500

K.C. Stoner & Fritz Riege

KC Stoner_Fritz_Riege_Virgil_Shields_001_500

K.C. Stoner, Fritz Riege, Virgil Shields

KC Stoner_Maurice_Sasseen_Fern_Fields_001_500

K.C. Stoner, Maurice Sasseen, Fern Fields

KC Stoner_Rose_Brandt_001_500

K.C. Stoner & Rose Marie Brandt

KC Stoners_88th_BD_001_500

K.C. Stoner on his 88th birthday

Norm Clark_Jack_Stilwell_Lydia__Alfert_Conradi_001_500

Norman Clark, Jack Stilwell

Patty _Mary_Jane_Engelbrecht_1984_001_500

Patty & Mary Jane Engelbrecht "Been Fishing"

Ray Doeden_Norm_Clark_Todd_Zahn_Randy_Crownover_001_500

Ray Doeden, Dwayne Witt, Todd Zahn, Randy Crownover

Ron Wenninghoff_KC_Stoner_Marvin_Royal_Ron_Conradi_001_500

Ron Wenninghoff, K.C. Stoner, Marvin Royal, Ron Conradi


Glen  __Todd_Zahn____Dave_McWilliams____Bob_Brandt_Doug_Ebert_Lynn_Schomerus_Keith_McWilliams_Perry_Stoner_Mark_Czapla____001_500


Back: Wayne Heather, Todd Zahn, Jason Morrissey, Dave

McWilliams, Jay Weiler, Bob Brandt

Front: Doug Ebert, Lynn Schomerus, Keith McWilliams,

Perry Stoner, Mark Czapla, Brett Fritch

(Thanks Perry Stoner for filling in the blanks!)