Ghog Day_2016_001_500

Welcome Sign at the Community Center

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_012_cropped_500

New this year: Hearts United for Animals (No kill Shelter, Auburn)

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_014_cropped_500

Groundhog cupcakes & visiting with old friends

What could be better?

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_017_cropped_500

Karen Schwartman, lifetime resident, Marvin Lucas, Chad Pester

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_009_500


(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_022_cropped_500

Corey Schulze talking trains in the History Room

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_013_cropped_500

More vendors

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_024_cropped_500

Veterans Room

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_025_cropped_500

Veterans Room

(photo: Bob Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_031_500

Donna Duerksen came from Kansas to locate descendants

of S.T. Lyon & I.P. Taylor

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_027_500

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_028_cropped_500

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_029_cropped_500

Some of the amazing entries in the Quilt Show

Thanks to Christie & Milan Brehm

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Bill Ganzel_cropped_500

Bill Ganzel gave the presentation "Dust Bowl Descent" 

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_042_500

 Crowd listening to Bill Ganzel

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Unadilla Bill_gets_impatient_with_a_fan_cropped_500

Unadilla Bill gets impatient with a fan!

(photo: Bob Brandt)

On to the Duncan Building for the Soup, Jerky,

and "Best Use of Spam" contests

Ghog Day_2016_048_cropped_500

Judges: Jason Hurt, Gabe Meints, Aaron Rule

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_049_cropped_500

Judges: Cory Hanke, Matt Capps

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Ghog Day_2016_044_cropped_500

Judge: Todd Kirshenbaum

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

Girl Scouts__Nina_500

Nina Jean Rohlfs, Susanna Porter & Girl Scout

(Photo: Bob Brandt)

61 John_Wilson_cleaning_1919_Franklin

John Wilson cleaning 1919 Franklin

67 Bob_Harrington_looking_at_1919_Franklin

Bob Harrington looking at 1919 Franklin


80 Kevin_Randall_King_2015

Kevin Randall, 2015 Groundhog King


Dave Hall_parade_registration

Dave Hall, parade registration

Jason Newby_car_registration_before_parade

Jason Newby, car registration before parade

John Wilson_driver_of_1919_Franklin

John Wilson, driver of 1919 Franklin

Roger Newby_driving_1932_Franklin

Roger Newby driving 1932 Franklin

Jay Jensen_driving_1938_Buick

Jay Jensen driving 1938 Buick

A new_addition_to_the_Groundhog_family_crop_500

A new addition to the Groundhog family

Lining up_before_the_parade

Lining up before the parade - 1938 Buick in front 

2016 Color_Guard_and_Gov_Ricketts_500

Color Guard: Eldon Halm, Gerald Neemann,

Gov. Ricketts, Keith Goering, Bob Wilhelm

(photo: Bob Brandt)


Ghog Day_2016_058_500

Continuing a long tradition, the combined Legion & VFW

Color Guard lead the parade

(photo: Mary Hanke)

007 crop_500

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Bob Brandt_Falcon_Bill

Head Groundhog Bob Brandt and the "official"

Groundhog Falcon

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Pete Ricketts_Susanne_Shove_crop_500

Gov. Pete Ricketts & First Lady Susanne Shove

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Grand Marshall_car

Grand Marshall: Gov. Pete Ricketts (preferred to walk)

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Dan Jean_Ann_Watermeier_500

District #1 Senator Dan Watermeier & wife Jean Ann

(photo: Mark Czapla)

017 Michele_Kevin

2015 Royalty: Michele Capps & Kevin Randall

1969 Chevy Chevelle owned by the Zieger family

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Central Committee

Groundhog Central Commitee: Larry Beers, Dale Henke, 

Ron Conradi/ Beer's 1961 Falcon

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Jeanie Falcon_500

Jeanie Steinkuhler's 1962 Falcon Futura

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_093_crop_500

Girl Scout Troops 20579 & 21

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_096_crop_500

Cub Scout Pack 337

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_099_crop_500

These folks were born on Groundhog Day!

1962 Cadillace provided by Wallman & Sons Farms

(photo: Mary Hanke)

026 500

Wilhelm Family Farms (deuce 1/2)

6 different Wilhelms have been Groundhog Royalty

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Ghog Day_2016_107_cropped_500

Kimbell Farms salute to the Groundhog

Driver: Andrew Kimbell

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_116_500

Syracuse Germanfest Royalty 2015/Southeast Cellular

Burgermeister: Brent Steinhoff

Little Miss Germanfest: Abby Thompson

King & Queen: Leonard & Letha Buchholz

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_121_crop_500

1956 Chevy Belair/Stan & Kate Stutheit

(photo: Mary Hanke)

035 500

Omaha for Unadilla Bill

(photo: Mark Czapla)

038 crop_500

1963 Chevy Impala/Carl Siefert

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Ghog Day_2016_130_crop_500

Robin Buhr 2016 "Red Neck Queen"/Scott's Place "The Legacy

1962 Pontiac Catalina in restoration process

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_133_crop_500

1964 Triumph TR4A/Marvin Lucas

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Marvin Lucas__grand_daughter

Marvin Lucas & Granddaughter Maggie Richter

Ghog Day_2016_137_500

1934 Chevy 5-window Coupe/John Gilbert, Johnson NE

(photo: Mary Hanke)

042 crop_500

1938 Buick Special/All Original/Jay Jensen

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Ghog Day_2016_143_crop_500

1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

Owned by Jason Newby/Driver Mark Doehling

(photo: Mary Hanke)

044 crop_500

1932 Franklin/Roger Newby & Mike Whitham

(photo: Mark Czapla)


1936 Indiana_truck_Model_86


1936 Indiana Truck, Model 86

Ghog Day_2016_150_500

1919 Franklin Ragtop/Driver John Wilson

(photo: Mary Hanke)


1929 Franklin_135_sedan


1929 Franklin 135 Touring car

Driver: Alice Robrssen/Leanne Wilson

050 crop_500

1929 Studebaker/Driver Marvin Cooper

(photo: Mark Czapla)

051 crop_500

1931 Hudson Greater 8/John & Greg Wilson

(photo:Mark Czapla)


John Bob_Wilson_and_son_in_1931_Hudson


John & Greg Wilson/1931 Hudson

Ghog Day_2016_158_500

NE Dept. of Corrections comes to the resuce!

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_162_500

1930 Oldsmobile/Driver Roger Grear

(photo: Mary Hanke)

053 crop_500

1930 Auburn 6-85/Driver Bob Harrington

(photo: Mark Czapla)

Ghog Day_2016_164_crop_500

1932 Chrysler CI/Driver Steve Mason

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_166_crop_500

1930 Auburn 4-door/Drivers Don & Deb Flessner

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_167_crop_500



1932 Dodge

1932 Dodge DC/Driver Carleton Flynn


Carleton Flynn_driving_1932_Dodge

Carleton Flynn

Ghog Day_2016_169_crop_500

1930 Franklin 147

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_173_crop_500

1927 Ford TT truck/Owner Jason Newby

(photo: Mary Hanke)


1927 Ford_TT_truck_owned_by_Jason_Newby


Ghog Day_2016_176_500

1931 Ford Model A "Ole Hank"

Owners Gayle & Nancy Hanshaw

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_178_crop_500

Nebraska Lottery Street Team

Faith Richardson & Sara Oltrogge

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Linda Liesemeyer__Jill_Sheeler

Linda Liesemeyer, Jill Sheeler, & Taylor Rohlfs

in Unadilla Rescue Unit

Ghog Day_2016_183_500

Ghog Day_2016_187_crop_500

Unadilla Fire & Rescue Utility Vehicle

Mark & Shannon Merr, Taylor Fangman

(Photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_191_500

Unadilla Fire & Rescue Grass Rig 

Betty & Amy Vodicka

(Photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_194_crop_500

Unadilla Fire & Rescue 1986 Chevy Pumper #950

Clayton Lewis & Steve Vodicka

(photo: Mary Hanke)

Ghog Day_2016_197_crop_500

Syracuse Fire Dept. 1999 Spartan Pumper

Tim Seelhoff

(photo: Mary Hanke)

057 500

064 crop_500

072 crop_500


2016 King__Queen_3_cropped_500

2016 Royal Couple: Tom Hruby & Shirley Fensler

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

2016 King__Queen_2_cropped_500

"The Kiss"

(photo: Barb Wilhelm)

2016 K__Q_with_Ricketts_cropped_500

Tom, Gov. Ricketts, Shirley

(photo: Bob Brandt)

Boy and_snowman

Greg Wilson and Snowman 


groundhog newspaper

Past Kings & Queen's Reunion & Reception

Friday, January 29, 2016, Duncan Bldg. 5 - 8 p.m.

All are welcome!





The Unadilla Area Fund will sponsor Unadilla Bill's Breakfast

at the Duncan Building on Tuesday morning, February

2nd at 7:00 a.m. Bill will make hisofficial  prediction at

precisely 7:32 a.m. Free will offering.


February 6, 2016


Since 1988!

 In Beautiful Downtown Unadilla

Schedule of Events

lounging ghog

Community Center, 770 G Street

Craft Fair, Flea Market, Quilt Show, Model Train Display, Silent Auction

The Library will be open - come & see their 


Library is giving away free to every child under 12

1 book of their choice & a book bag of goodies!

8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Christian Church Bake Sale

9:00 a.m.

"Dust Bowl Descent" By Bill Ganzel

10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Bill Ganzel_001_250 

Don't miss his pictures and interviews, which portray what it

was like to live through the worst weather event in our nation's


(sponsored by Unadilla Area Fund & the Nebraska Humanities Council)




Lunch by the Christian Church Circle

Serving out of the kitchen in the Gym

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Silent Auction Closes!

12:00 p.m.


(1 Block north of Coop)

Drinks, Biscuits & Gravy, Sandwiches, Dessert

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


ghog coming_out_of_the_hole

Parade starting at 1:00 p.m.

All entries welcome!

Be at Dan's Tire Shop by 12:15 p.m.

This year's Grand Marshall will ride in the Official

Groundhog Auto, The Ford Falcon!

All Central Committee members are encouraged to ride in

either the Central Committe float driven by Lawrence Beers.

(He & his Falcon have never missed a parade!) Anyone who

has a birthday on February 2nd is welcome to ride on the

Groundhog Birthday Float.

THE BAR on Main Street

King & Queen Coronation 2:00 p.m.

2016 candidates_cropped_500

2016 King & Queen candidates

2015 Royal Couple:

Kevin Randall & Michele Capps


Unadilla Bill_and_his_real_girlfriend

Purchase Groundhog shirts from the Girl Scouts & Nebrask Nut

Growers and their NUTTY PRODUCTS 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Boy Scout Food Sales & Music by Nina Jean Rohlfs

11:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.

Entries accepted for the Soup, Jerky, & Spam contest

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Soup catagories: Chili, Vegetable, "Other"

Jerky: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Spam: One winner for Best Spam Recipe

(you know Spam is ground hog!)

Contest Winners announced at 2:30 p.m.

Thanks to the Otoe County Visitors Committee

for their Marketing Sponsorship!

Thanks also to the Unadilla Area Fund and all

the volunteers too numerous to mention by name.




Groundhog shirts_2016_500



For sale in the Library:

Ghog Books_500


Ghog Book_Map_500





Get your photo taken with the Groundhogs!

Turner & Jan Moore bring the Groundhogs to life every year

(courtesy Mark Czapla)


NOTE: Last year Unadilla Bill did not see his shadow and

predicted winter until St. Patrick's Day. WOW he was

right again!!!