Ruby KC Stoner 500

1975: Retirement party for Ruby & K.C. Stoner, owners of

The Blackbird Grocery Store (also known as Stoner's Store).


Hank Ruby and KC 500

1975: Hank Hahne with Ruby & K.C. Hank was a long-time employee.


Gene West and KC Stoner 500

1975: Gene West, new owner of the store and K.C.


Mary Callaway bd 500

Taken at Mary Callaways for her birthday

From Left: Mae Stoner, Marie Reitsch, Fern Lutjemeyer, Florence Hussey,

Inist Callaway, Iva Isaacs, Wretha Isaacs, Evelyn McCormick, Fern Wall,

Catherine Boettcher, Elizabeth Holscher, Millie Schultz, Julia Luff,

Anna Gray, Mary Callaway (with apron on).


CC Women 500

Christian Church Basement

Left: Ramona Henry, Janice Crownover, Betty Baker, Verda Fentiman,

Helen Luff, Mrs.____ Parnell, Phyllis Pickerill


CC kitchen 500

Christian Church Kitchen

Left: Phyllis Pickerill, Mrs.___ Parnell, ___, Ramona Henry, Jean Lucas